Few months ago, we started our own website and now, guess what? We added a Movies section to the new website. And what better way to kick things off? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Godfather I.

The Godfather

Greatest movie of all time? (According to IMDB atleast)


Yes, it was finally revealed and though it’s already there on the old website, you know what? It’s worth to be on a million websites so, here it goes!

Even though there’s no release date given, no details on anything, the whole world is already going crazy about the game, and I am already seeing pre-orders beating all records!

Heello, WordPress!

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

We recently had another website on Snappages, but, it was a pain-in-the-ass. Too much hassle to put an image where I want and too much hassle to do what I want. So, we just thought, WordPress would be better any day and came here. Unfortunately, WordPress does not have an app to import from Snappages. So, we won’t be having our old posts anytime soon, and this time, we are adding a movies section! So, hope you like it!